Quality management

>> Through our quality management system, we want to increase yet further the trust that our customers put in our products and services.

Our obligations – our commitment

  • Customer orientation and product quality
    By consistently focusing all processes on the fulfilment of customers' specific requirements, and ensuring a high level of product quality and timely order processing, we want to achieve long-term customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement of  processes and products
    Our products, services and internal processes are subjected to constant checking. In doing this we aim to eliminate weaknesses, prevent error and increase efficiency.
  • Employee motivation and support
    In order to meet the objectives of our quality policy, we need all employees to display a high level of commitment, specialist competence and individual responibility. By promoting open communication and participation in decision-making processes, continously improving our employees working environment and ensuring ongoing training, we aim to make our employees ever more quality-conscious.
  • Integrated process management
    Our quality management system runs through all processes, and helps everyone involved to keep focused on economic and environmental factors. Open, kooperative communication with our customers, suppliers and sub-contractors and a commitment to the environment both from integral parts of our  quality system.