>> 1956 Helmut Becker establishes the company Westdeutsche Pressluft- und Hydraulikgeräte (West German Compressed Air and Hydraulic Units) in Bonn, and commences production and sale of hydraulic units and garage equipment for use in automotive construction.

>> 1961 Under the leadership of Fritz Becker, the son of the founder, the company is renamed “Westhydraulik-Becker” and its production programme is revised to concentrate on binder supply systems for road construction.

>> 1970 Business is expanded and the company premises enlarged. Westhydraulik-Becker now sells bitumen supply systems to customers all over the world. Electrically-heated bitumen storage vessels are developed, as well as special solutions – for example for use in pipeline construction or for transporting bitumen by sea.

>> Late 80´s Together with Dr. Heidemarie Vieweg, the third generation of Beckers take over management of the company.

>> 1990 A new plant is opened in Saxony, headed by Norbert Piekarek.

>> 1997 Dr. Heidemarie Vieweg and Norbert Piekarek take on leadership of the business as a whole and move the  Production and Service division to Saxony.
The Planning and Sales divisions are based in Rheinbach initially, moving to Bonn in 2007.